Badge of Achievement


A Badge of Achievement makes a statement about your school, your team and your students. It showcases your shared passion for excellence and carries with it the quality of your organization, the pride of achievement and the dedication of your students.


Any award or special honour that you or your team receives can be celebrated. We have a full line of achievement badges for you to choose from and limitless design capabilities. If you’re not sure what you want, our art department will be happy to help you make decisions. Our talented team of craftspeople will take your design concept and work with you to create a custom badge for you to give in recognition of academic, athletic and artistic achievement or to commemorate an event or graduation.


Gym bags, backpacks and totes can become everyday, portable marketing platforms for your organization. See how our Westcrest Tote Program will help to foster a sense of loyalty and belonging for students and alumni alike as they collect and carry them with pride!

A Badge of Achievement not only offers a unique branding opportunity, it makes an affordable and welcomed end of season gift as well.

Promote Performance Excellence

Our vision for the Badge of Achievement Program is to partner with our community and our customers to promote performance excellence in music, dance, education and athletics.

If they can reach it, we can create it!

We’re Great at What We Do

We’re a family oriented company, which means the same things that you value, we value too! Here at Westcrest we have been offering embroidery services and providing custom crests and badges for more than 25 years. We use only the highest quality materials and are the number one supplier of embroidered patches in Western Canada. A Badge of Achievement is a lightweight, durable memento that will maintain it’s vivid colours for many years to come.

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